Fast Cash! Write a QNX Article!

In the coming months, the QDN website ( will be
expanding to give you better insight into the QNX RTP. We will feature
in-depth articles on our APIs and how our customers & independent
developers use QNX software on a daily basis. We feel it is important
that many of these in-depth articles come not just from one or two
individuals at QNX, but from the developers themselves. So we are
asking for article submissions from developers in the QNX community.
To encourage article submissions, QNX will give 100 US dollars to
those developers whose articles we choose to publish on the QDN

Here are the general guidelines for potential articles:

  • chose a topic relevant to RTP developers

  • it must be an original piece written by you. (No plagarism)

  • it should be well thought out and approximately 1000 words or
    roughly 2 typed pages in length. The idea is for your article to
    provide useful information to other developers.

Ultimately, selection will be entirely at QNX’s discretion. If your
article is choosen for publication, we will edit it; so don’t worry
about minor grammatical errors. Also if English is not your first
language, please don’t be shy about submitting articles; again we have
editors :slight_smile:

To qualify for the $100, your article must be chosen for publication and
agree to a publication license. Within the next week, there will be
a submission process set up on the QDN website. This will include
a form to submit your article and a click-through license agreement.

Please feel free to start thinking about topics or potential articles!

If you want to send us an article before our submission process is in
place, please me email at:


Kim Bigelow