site logo

what about a real site logo rather than the default postnuke logo?

no worry. one is coming.
I’ve talked to cdm a while ago to talk to qnxguiboy to design one for us. I’ve also emailed Bill for this in the past few weeks. Since Bill is leaving QSSL headquarter and moving to Seattle, he must be very busy and we should be patient. Besides, the site hasn’t really launched yet :smiley:

why not submit logos from volunteer site-fans.
you might get really good works and wont bother Bill.


Hi all

a question, why is not made a species of aid in where all we collaborated creating a logo for website?

Bye from Canary Islands

Yeah! That will be kewl. My friend is a good graphicman, he would be happy to help

Since Bill ( still hasn’t got around to help us, maybe it is not a bad idea to ask the qnx user community for help. If you can post your logo design/graphics (url link) to this forum and we can then have some polls to make a final choice among all submissions.

Maybe Bill will finally have time to come up something, which we will post here to compete with everyone else.

Thanks in advance for all your help!