capturing text output to bitmap with PmMem*, etc


I’m trying to render a screen in a way that allows me to get to the bitmap
data later on
so I can save it to a .bmp file. To do this I’m trying to use the PmMem*
functions. This
works fine except that text (via PgDrawText*) does not seem to appear in the
bitmap along with the result of other graphics primitives (ie PgDrawLine,

For example:
…setup photon…
…create shared memory…
mc = PmMemCreate(&img, &dim, &translate);
…draw graphics with PgDrawRect, PgDrawLine, PgDrawEllipse, etc…
…draw text with PgDrawText…
PmMemFlush(mc, &img)
…save bitmap data in `img’ as .bmp file…

At this point the .bmp correctly contains everything but the text. If I
remove the memory
context stuff and render to a visible window the text appears as expected.
The image
type is Pg_IMAGE_DIRECT_888 if that matters.

What am I missing here??

QNX 4.25, photon 1.1