How can i?

Is there any way to view the code of a binary file???

Depends on the language your binary was written in.

This is a nice read about reverse engineering, decompiling and disassembling in general.

(Alltought I don’t know whether there is a gdb on qnx 4)

But keep in mind that decompiling foreign code might be illegal!

Thanks, i have a problen with a binary that doesnt work and i want to know if in the middle of the program it invoque another thing that i dont know

so it’s not your binary and you do not have the sourcecode?

I can’t think of a good way to debug an existing binary, unless it is compiled with debug information.
If the program crashes at some point you could still try to disassemble the code and then step through it with the debugger (provided the watcom debugger is able to do this, I never used it myself)

But even if you were able to spot the error in the code, fixing it is an other story.

If you increase the tracectrl to -s7, running traceinfo will display all processes that are spawn. So if the program starts another program you will know.