Touch Screen Woes

A while ago I mentioned that i had a problem with acalib
switching my touch screen axes. I was told that I had
mismatched Input and acalib programs. I was given a
an email address to write to, to get this resolved.
I never got a response.

Recently I downloaded the latest QNX 4.25 and Photon 1.14
installations and installed them on an empty machine. I
got the same mixed up results. Finally I went into the
/etc/config/asbf directory and edited the config file.
I found that the last parameter was 1, and if I changed
it to 0, the problem was fixed. I’m using a smartset
touch screen. Can someone help?

My next problem. My customer wants to support two
touch screens on the same application. Unfortunately,
acalib seems to only accomodate one touch screen config
file per node. Is that right or is there a work around?

Mitchell Schoenbrun ---------