S3 Trio 32 support?


I’ve got QNX 4.25D and Photon 1.14A installed on a Toshiba Tecra 8100.
It uses
the S3 Trio 32 chipset. I can only run Photon in safe mode. Has anyone
configured the display in a Tecra 8100? I’m hoping I’m just not
configuring it properly.

I see on the QDN that S3 based chips are supported in Photon 1.14 by
the Pg.s3 driver.
I noticed that the Pg.s3 graphics driver was not updated in the 1.14A
release. Anyone from
QNX able to tell me when we can expect an updated Pg.s3 driver? Maybe
you have a beta?
If so, I’ll gladly sign up for the beta program to get a hold of an
updated driver.


Jim Montgomery
Member Technical Staff, Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA 818-393-1202
Robotics Research Laboratory, University So. California 213-740-7288