Hidden child response to parent

4.25E & 1.14C

Consider a base window with a child window created in the base window
realize call back. Standard Phab stuff.
If the child is set to NORMAL in Phab (i.e. before realize) and the app made
and run the base shows with a child in front. Clicking on base moves focus
to base but leaves child in front. This is what I expected.

If the child is set to HIDDEN before realize and a button added to base with
a PtWindowToFront(…child) as its activate call back and the app made and
the base shows with no child, ok. Click button and child shows in front of
base, ok. Click on base now and the child moves behind the base window.
That’s not what I had hoped for! I really wanted it to act like a child and
stay in front of its parent.

Under these circumstances the child seems to responds differently depending
upon whether it was created hidden or normal.

Is there something else I have to do to a child when unhiding it ?.