Memory context drawing

If I am unable to get the PtDBContainer working, can someone
tell me how to successfully use PmMemCreateMC() and it’s
associated functions to overlay several images? I tried
something from the examples, and they didn’t work. My
none of the examples on the “contributed software” section

I want to overlay three images. The first one is one of 17.
The next image is 1 of 6 and is transparent. The next is
also transparent and there are 4 to chose from here.

The images are all loaded into a .wgtp file and extracted
into PhImage_t * arrays.

What I tried displayed nothing. I checked the return values
of all functions I used and all were happy. It said it did
it, but I didn’t see anything.

Given the above, is there an example somewhere?

The images were imported from .gif files with the “make transparent”
function called on each.

Thank you very much,