License key claiming invalid, but is

I’m trying to install QNX, but the license key claims it is invalid or outdated.

The key does not expire until December. I loaded the LiveCD portion (which works) but the date on there claims by default that it is January of 1970. The BIOS clock is set correctly. I think this might be the problem. Does anyone know a workaround?

I am installing this on an amd64 system. Maybe this is a bug since QNX is 32-bit that it cannot properly grab the BIOS date?

Windowx XP is also 32 bit ;-)

I got QNX4 and QNX6 running just fine on 2 AMD64 systems.

what happens if you manually run rtc. Rtc is the program that loads the date from the system chip. QNX doesn’t use BIOS, it goes right to the hardware.

I’m having a similar issue with the system clock.
‘date’ output is wrong after setting the click via ‘date’ and rebooting the node.

Running ‘rtc hw’ manually returns:
RTC: Clock not running, Must be set first 0x0

Does this mean QNX is unable to communicate with the hardware clock?
I’m sure somebody’s seen this before, but the only google hit I got on that error message was a Russian page - even after google-translate it wasn’t helpful :slight_smile:

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