Live 4.25 CD? Phindows?

I use QNX 4.25 and just downloaded the 6.3 evaluation version to check out phindows (windows host eval) and the live cd feature (qnx host eval). I have two questions.

  1. The qnx host version is also a very useful live cd. does this exist or is it difficult to do for 4.25? It would make for a great utility cd for debugging running systems.

  2. I attached to qnx4 using the qnx6 windows host Phindows. I assume that will be unavailable after my eval period expires so here’s my question. Where can I find any information on getting QNX4 Phindows? I can’t find anything online. Any pricing or feature listings? I noticed some graphical errors on a running app when using the qnx6 version so I was hoping that an eval of the qnx4 version would be out there. What is the compatibility of the qnx6 version connecting to qnx4?


I don’t think there is a special “QNX4 Phindows” version… at least I never heard of it. But maybe there is just an “older” version? You should contact your local QNX representative I guess…

phindows is a MS Windows applications. The latest version of phindows (version 2?), as distributed with QNX 6, can connect to either QNX 4 or QNX 6. Not sure if it has to be bundled with the full QNX 6, or you can buy as a separate product. Contact QNX.

BTW, there was an old phindows version 1 back in QNX 4 days. Not sure if QNX is still selling it.

To your other question:

there is no QNX 4 live CD, or eval version.

There is a QNX4 live CD basing on the good old QNX4 demo disk. Look here:
There is an ISO image…