USB Key not working, help!

Hello all,

I have used 2 different usb key with succes under QNX 6.3.0.

But I have a third usb key that didn’t work.

This is a Kingston DataTraveler Elite 512MB

When I start io-usb with -duhci, I have the red light turn on
but if I start io-usb with -dehci, I have the blue light on.
-dohci did turn any light on.

usb -vvv gives me this output:

# usb -vvv
USB 0 (EHCI) v1.10, v1.01 DDK, v1.01 HCD
    Control, Interrupt, Bulk, High speed

Device Address             : 1
Upstream Host Controller   : 0
Upstream Device Address    : 0
Upstream Port              : 1
Upstream Port Speed        : High
Vendor                     : 0x08ec (Kingston)
Product                    : 0x0015 (DT Elite HS 2.0)
Device Release             : r2.00
USB Spec Release           : v2.00
Serial Number              : 0D30E7517043091D
Class                      : 0x00 (Independant per interface)
Max PacketSize0            : 64
Languages                  : 0x0409 (English)
Current Frame              : 1689 (1024 bytes)
Configurations             : 1
  Configuration            : 1
    Attributes             : 0x80 (Bus-powered)
    Max Power              : 140 mA
    Interfaces             : 1
      Interface            : 0 / 0
        Class              : 0x08 (Mass Storage)
        Subclass           : 0x06 (SCSI)
        Protocol           : 0x50
        Endpoints          : Control + 2
          Endpoint         : 0
            Attributes     : Control
            Max Packet Size: 64
          Endpoint         : 1
            Attributes     : Bulk/IN
            Max Packet Size: 512
          Endpoint         : 2
            Attributes     : Bulk/OUT
            Max Packet Size: 512

(pci tells me I have EHCI and UHCI controler)

Now, if I start

devb-umass or devb-umass cam pnp

nothing happend!!!
There’s no /dev/hdN that appears like for other keys.

I’m clueless. Can anyone help me?
Does anyone have work with that key under QNX 6.3.0?

Best regards,

Jean Côté

I think this a problem of the QNX devb-umass, there are some storage devices that just don’t work. I got the same probs with a Kingston DataTraveler Elite 512MB.

For an other example see: