lockup Xfree4.2

Hi Chris,

In my case (and like Todd) the lockup locks the entire machine…
no mouse move, no ping response, desesparatly nothing.
There is more information in my post on qdn.public.qnxrtp.os (one month ago)
title : frozen SMP system
The only solution is to reboot and do a chkfsys to repair some files like
Xfree86.log in the best case.

If there is some test or log I can activate, I’m ready to do it and
compare with Todd results.

Another question : I understand in your exchange with Todd that the Free 6.2
version doesn’t support SMP. Is it true ? (QNX place a foot in free licence
world but not both feet. Is the water too cold ? :slight_smile:


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On Thu, 23 May 2002, Sergey Sobolev wrote:

IMHO there is problem with SMP on 6.1 only.
I’ve used QNX 6.1/XFree and QNX 6.2/XFree on SMP(PIII*2) - 6.1 locks up
when 6.2 still working.

Sergey Sobolev