Réf. : [Openqnx-developer] XPhoton and switching keyboard l

Thanks, Alain!
Unfortunatelly it is not a solution.
xphoton_ruskey was a dirty hack made by Dmitry Vasiliev and me for QNX
6.0. It includes cyrillic fonts and keyboard switcher.
Cyrillic fonts are now shipped with XPhoton, and keyboard switcher
(Xkb extensions) is embedded in X server. RusKey switcher just waits for defined
key combination to be pressed and changes X keymap. That leads X11R6
4.x based XPhoton to segfault.

Best regards,

abic> Hi,
abic> You cannot do like that because XPhoton doesn’t support localization. But, I
abic> remember that something has been done for Russian keyboards on XPhoton. It was
abic> available on the Russian qnx website.

abic> I can propose you 1 file which could be usefull for you but they are quite old
abic> and I don’t remember how to use it.
abic> Maybe you can find some usefull email addresses in it.
abic> Also try to find xphcyr-1_0-x86-gnu.qpr

abic> (See attached file: xphoton_ruskey_tar)

abic> Alain.