QNX 4.25 Application Question

We are using QNX v. 4.25 on our lab computers. I have recently come
across a problem, and have been unable to rectify the situation myself
so far, and am wondering if any of you have previously heard of a
We are running QNX 4.25 on a pentium III computer (Tyan motherboard),
using a ATI Xpert 2000 AGP graphics card. (This is a new computer, and
we are currently
installing the necessary hardware and software for our applications.)
We recently installed a Matrox Meteor II/ Digital frame grabber card,
the “Genesis” software from Matrox- written for use with QNX 4.
Previously, there had been no problem running Photon, but now that the
frame grabber card is installed, the computer stalls whenever we try to
run Photon- it does not display the graphics. We believe that this may
some sort of combination incompatibility with the graphics card, Photon,

and the frame grabber card… Have any of you heard of any of these
incompatibilities before? Any suggestions?