Retrieve SMART data from hard drive (QNX4)

I have a little program built into the .boot file to query the data from the drive(s) and store it into a shared memory space (/dev/shmem/raw_ata_data), this is done before Fsys.eide starts everything is fine and good. But, I would like to monitor the temperature of the drive periodically and not just at bootup. My problem is I cannot talk to the ide controller whilst Fsys.eide is active because this produces unpredictable results (i.e. scrambles data on the hard drive etc.).

Does anyone know of a way ask Fsys.eide to retrieve SMART data from a hard drive?

Or is there an ioctl command to send a raw ATA request to Fsys.eide.

Or just some way of synchronizing with Fsys.eide so the ata register muddling won’t cause damage.