ClockPeriod() function

Yeh, i can change the clock period and not affect the system time :slight_smile:

int ClockPeriod( clockid_t id,
const struct _clockperiod * new,
struct _clockperiod * old,
int reserved );

what is the smallest and largest value for
struct _clockperiod.nano = ??
struct _clockperiod.fract = ??

Also what exactly do those two parameters mean.


I guess the smallest depend on the hardware, since QNX can run on multiple CPU this is probably different. STEVE are you reading this, could thing to add to the documentation.

As what the two parameters means, it’s well described in the documentation.

thanks :smiley:

The smallest ticksize allowed is 10us, although it’s dependant on your hardware.
You should always set the fract part to 0 - although it’s not used right now.