Cant install QNX 6.2.1


I have a Fujitsu-Siemens notebook (P4 2.66, ATI Radeon Mobility 9000,
Combo (DVD+Cd-RW).

I have downloaded the QNX 6.2.1 iso image from and I have burned a CD.

Using that Cd and trying to install it to the notebook computer, the instalation fails, just after seeing "Generating helpviewer search database). I have tried booting from CD without installing anything to
hard disk and fails too.

In another computer (desktop computer) works, so it is probably a problem with hardware in my notebook.

Any idea or solution?

Thank you

Try hitting space during boot up and tell it not to boot into Photon. Do you get to a login prompt? Login as root and try running ph manually and see if anything more interesting happens.

After pressing space and using the safe mode (not to enter to Photon, F3),
I get:

Unable to open output file ‘/etc/system/trap/unknown’: No such file or directory
And the installation stops.
I dont get any login prompt.
I am booting directly from CD (not installing to hard disk).

Thank you

Oh - you probably cannot do that booting from the CD. Try doing an install.

I have disabled the network driver in the installation (option F12 in the menu of QNX) and works.
I have a 1394 network adapter and a pci network adapter in my notebook.

After rebooting the second time, if I want to enter to photon, I get:

/usr/photon/audio: Not found
/usr/photon/serial: Not found
/usr/photon/char: Not found
sh: /usr/photon/bin/ : cannot execute - Is a directory

Any idea?

My notebook has no serial port and no diskette device.
Thank you very much