mq_send(), mq_receive() with > 32KByte possible under QNX

Hi Community,

how is it possible to send with Queues, under QNX4 with mq_send(), mq_receive() ,data with Blocksizes bigger than 32767 Byte!

Is 32K the end, or does it gives a possibility to send bigger Blocksizes with

Under Neutrino it seems no Problem to send bigger sizes why in QNX4 is it a problem!?

Thank you !!!

What makes you thing that QNX6 and QNX4 should behave the same?

Thank you mario

I’ve only try to find out the varieties between the
two versions and comparing both together.

But is it possible to send under QNX4 Queues with Blocksizes bigger than 32K ???

Thank You

I think the max msgsize was only limited in the network case, wasn’t it?

If it is it would have make more sense to limit it to 64k, since that is what the limit is for networking under QNX4.