Ultra DMA mode

Hello Everyone,

Ultra DMA mode works with one of my boards and doesn’t work on another one
having same chipset(North and South Bridge).
I tried configuring the Ultra DMA using “devb-eide” but didn’t have any luck
I feel as I tried to assign an IRQ using following command
devb-eide eide irq=7
but it didn’t assign until I wrote to the particular register from where it
gets the value.
That means the Ultra DMA mode cannot be enabled using devb-eide utility.

I noticed one difference in both board using pci utility on boot up…IRQ is
assigned automatically by the OS on the board Ultra DMA works while on
another one…it said NO CONNECTION.

Does any one have idea what QNX does during the boot up process in terms of
getting parameters for the eide.

Thanks in advance

Anish Jhaveri
SW/HW System Engineer
Kontron America