Interrupt over PCI

Hi @all!

My Question is how I can receive an Interrupt over PCI?

In my embedded system the graphikcontroller is connected with the processor over PCI. Now I want to synchronize my program with the vertical sync. of the display to use double buffering. Does anybody know how I can do that?

Thanks in advance

Are you writing the driver for your graphic controller? If yes, you might want to look at pci_* family of functions in library reference, specificly at pci_attach_device(). If your program isn’t a driver, I doubt the graphic driver setted PCI_SHARE flag and if it isn’t case you can’t attach device second time from your program. You can see interrupt line# in output of ‘pci -vvv’ command, and make InterruptAttachEvent() to that interrupt in your program in order to get notification. But isn’t the “double buffering” thing the task of grapics driver?