Are u a qnx guru??? isnan() replacement???

Hi all,

Apparently this is supposed to be easy for OS gurus. I don’t even come close
so I figure I’d post it and see if someone could solve this problem for me.

I’m porting some device specific functions from windows into QNX and I’m
using Watcom C/C++ 10.6 which is C89 compilant.

isnan() is a C99 addition to the math.h file.
isnan(VALUE) returns a non-zero value if VALUE is not a number(NAN).

Apparently if something is NAN it is supposed to have the maximum possible
exponent and a non-zero mantissa as defined by IEEE 754, but I don’t know if
that applies to QNX4. Apparently the isnan() function is available in QNX6.

Here’s a link to some GNU C source for isnan().

Thanks in advance