modular structure

hie guys

how do i achieve programming structures in a modular fashion? Do i have to write functions as header files?

Sorry for such elementary question. Really hope someone would answer me


You should go to forum newsgroup more geared toward programming issue. This is a very large topics, how books are written on the subject.

You didn’t say in which langauge.

Basically each module gets a source file and a header file. The header file has the prototype for each fonction. If a module uses a fonction of another module it just #include the header.

It is the linker that will bind all the modules together to produce an executable.

hi need some advise on this…

how do i slow down the sending of commands to the RS232 port?

im using C lang on QNX … currently the code tat i wrote is

=====> write(RS232_fd, bincmd, bincmdlen);

is there a way to send the “bincmd” 1 character at a time ???

int inx;

for ( int inx=0; i inx < bincmdlen; inx++ )
write ( RS232_Fd, bincmd[inx], 1 );
delay(X); // X being the number of milliseconds between characters.

tks dude!