Searching Embedded C++ programmers for a free open-source pr

We are looking for Good Embedded C++ programmers,
coders and beta testers who are able to contribute “regularly”
to a large free open-source LGPL portable library.

The main objective is too be as efficient as possible,
so there is as little as overhead as possible compared to C code.

The library main targets are:

Watcom C++ 10.6 for QNX
Borland C++ 3.0 and 4.52 for Arcom Boards
old and new version of gcc
Microsoft Visual C++ 4/5/6
C++ Builder and CodeWarrior.

We try to get a huge amount of independant classes,
so you only use what you need without being forced
to use other classes inside the same library.

This library is like a big Club Price
of useful handy optimize reusable classes,
that works on almost any platforms ! =)

There is no STL/Template used,
mainly because old compilers,
such as BC30, BC452 and Watcom C++ 10.6
doesn’t support them well.

If you have any question, please send me an email:
fprog26 -at-

Sincerly yours,


Standard J2K Library