Target continually reboots

I have created a boot image that runs fine on a 32MB flash card. The target is an x86 PC/104 platform with one IDE controller. As I would like more space on my flash card I have bought a 256MB card and attached it as slave.

After I have made the new flash card bootable using fdisk, dinit and dloader as suggested elsewhere on this forum. I copy over the .boot file from the master to the slave and power off the system.

When I reboot with the 256MB card as master I get the Hit Esc for .altboot message followed by a lot of … Once the dots reach the same amount as when I boot from the 32MB flash card the system reboots as if you’ve pressed ctrl+alt+del or done a hard reset.

Can anyone help me getting rid of this problem? I’ve gone through a bit of documentation, but I can’t find anything on this matter.