develop accelerated 3D driver on QNX 6.3?

Hi All,

I want to write an accelerated 3D driver of my graphic card on QNX 6.3.
I read the DDK document, but only see about the 2D driver.

Are there any documents or instrucions about 3D driver on QNX?
I’m looking for it eagerly.

Thanks for you help.



Try to read headers from Graphics DDK. There exist 3D.h file, and in other files you can find a lot of referencies to the 3D stuff, but they are all undocumented and I dount that theese calls are supported in QNX 6.3. I think that all are stubs.

Thank you, there exists 3D.h. But no documents.
I find has 3D Graphic TDK, but need to buy it :frowning:

Which 3D grahphics card do you have? Are you sure a QNX driver doesn’t exist? Why not choose a card that is supported?

There are too many unsupported cards.
In fact, I’m interested in writing drivers.

How will you get hardware info for the card?

I’m studying DRI on X Window, just want to do a practice to port one to QNX.

I’m not really familiar with this DRI stuff, but how does this help you get information about 3D operation at the hardware level?

AS far as I know ATI and NVIDIA, the most common add on card, are not publishing any hardware specs about the inner working of the 3D component.

Check out the below news:

QNX Introduces Advanced Graphics Toolkit for Developing 2D and OpenGL ES 3D Graphics

You can check DRI at

No driver for NVIDIA and as far as ATI the documentation says:

“Specifications of all ATI chips, up to the Radeon 9200 were made available to DRI developers under NDA on an individual case basis. Please read carefully the NDA page before you consider applying.”

The NDA part is to be expected, but up to Radeon 9200 is bad news… If I’m not mistaken the 9200 is 2 generation behind and doesn’t really qualify as a 3D card by today’s standard IMHO.

For Matrox there seems to be sources for GXXX card only, for their latest card Parhelia their is no specs, Matrox supplies the binary.

Last is Intel, all the chips that are supported and have public specs are very very low 3D performance chip.

Basicaly by the time you are done writing a driver, you’d be 3 generation behind, at best, performance wise.

Aside the radeon 9200 and the latest Intel chipset (8xx and 9xx) you’d have a hard time finding any of these boards on the market.

Thank you for the advice.
At least, I still want to have a look on the 3D driver architecture of QNX, but I have no money to buy the 3D TDK. Pity.

You should contact QNX and ask for a free educational license.