PtRaw widget


I have an application in which i used PtRaw widget to draw the trends. I
tried to draw the trend with the values which actually go out of the widget
area. The trend fills the the whole widget area with the trend color (i have
used PtClipAdd and PtClipRemove ) from the point it has gone up to the point
it again came down. Is there some other reason for such area filling? Has
anybody ever experienced such thing? I have used PgDrawTrendmx function for
drawing the trend on PtRaw widget.

To avoid this, I was thinking of using the RtTrend widget. I tried going
through the RtTrend example but found following problem: If I open multiple
RtTrend example application and i close the application opened last, it
changes the background color of all the previously opened RtTrend widgets.
Not only this but if i have a
RtTrend widget open in the window of PhAB that widget also changes the
color. if i try to change the grid type, the display of all the other
applications running in the system gets updated.

can anybody help me in this matter?