QNX 4.25 boot diskette with tcpip networking

can anyone point me to the information I need to create a boot diskette (or set of) with tcpip networking? I am using QNX 4.25 and tcpip 4.25.
Specifically what I am trying to do is: be able to boot a system from diskette; set up the hard drive; ftp a ‘tar backup’ to it; and finally extract the tar.

just one example :
qnx.com/developers/qnx4/qnx4 … ?code=5718

and tons of reading material from :
www.qnx.com >
developer support >
qnx resources >
knowledge base >
search “boot disk” or similar

I guess once you get the idea, make your own experiences and come back with detailed questions, it will be much easier to help you, instead of re-writing the process here.

good luck ! HELGE

I would suggest you use the usuall QNX native networking if you have another QNX 4 node on the network. It will be much easier to access files from another QNX node …

Have a look here, it’s in Russian, but the file-set is quite clear, I hope.