QNX - Doesn't like my machine?

I am still having the booting problem mentioned in a previous post but following the advice given i should beable to get around it

HOWEVER I tried using the cd to boot the installed qnx partition and it worked - sort of - the resolution was stuck at 640 by 480, and my keyboard and mouse weren’t recognised so i didn’t get very far

my machine
AMD 2500+
usb genius Mouse
El cheapo PS/2 keyboard
64mb leadtek/ Nvidia graphics card
512mb ram
motherbard is an a7n8x-x
win 2k and Mepis
QNX ver 6.2.1

the live cd also hangs at a screen which has a large grey form showing display properties the mouse and keyboard don’t seem to work here either or at least i cant figure out the key combinations to access the buttons on the forms

However it does seem to work in windows under QEMU although the dispaly is 640 by 480

is there a way around this?