Net manager

Dear all,

Subject: Network installation.

Context: We are developing a Network Bridge Card for Cable-TV to Ethernet
running on QNX 4.24. Our driver interfaces with Net via Net.fd

Symptom: We are unable to run both ethernet and Our driver. Though both
drivers run (listed by ps), and though netinfo shows correct configuration
information for both interfaces, ifconfig of en1 fails with IOCTL error: no
such interface.

Details: Basic network installation works:


  1. Cable & Ethernet

Net &

Net.ether82557 -p0 &

Net.ether82557 -p1 &

mynet_driver &

Net.fd -c -a $MAC_ADDRESS -h -l 2 /dev/MyNet_fd &

netmap -f

Socket MyHostName &

ifconfig en1 up

ifconfig en2 up

error message:
Send(): Register with Net Manager failed
ifconfig: ioctl (SIOCGIFFLAGS): no such interface

netstat -i shows en2 and lo0 only

Any help is appreciated.