Momentics SP2 question

I downloaded and installed the Momentics SP2 for Windows host.

It now uses GCC 3.3.5 as the compiler when it does the cross compiling.

My question is, do I have to download the Momentics for Neutrino host as well and install that too in order to have the executables created on the Windows host be able to run on my QNX machine?

I only ask since QNX Neutrino SP1 only has gcc 3.3.1 and I wonder what happens if I attempted to use dynamic linking with the cross compiled momentics suite under windows using gcc 3.3.5.

Anyone know?



We had some issues when upgrading the IDE for cross-compilation and testing. If the target machine didn’t have the service pack applied then (at least) the debugger did not work properly. One of the listed “improvements” in the SP2 version of the IDE is the debugger, so I suspect that some of the hooks might have been changed on the target end too. Best to always have matching SP levels on development and target machines anyway.

can you give a copy of sp2 to me?

my msn is

If you have a “myQNX” account you can get the update from the qnx website

I am not sure what the license/etc details are for the NC versions, so can’t simply send the files.

don’t worry,I need it,you can send it to me.