ksh reports status for ALL commands on exit

Standard X86 SBC with bios bells and whistles. Momentics 6.3.

This one has me scratching my watch and winding my *ss…

Built a standard bios.ifs in the IDE, no sweat… very easy.

Everything works quite well in fact. Just this ANNOYING problem…

After I type “ls” at the console or any remote login, after the expected listing, the ksh spits back the successful completion at me… to whit:

“Process 191107088 (ls) exited status=0”

Now I have looked at everything I can find and nothing explains this. Turned off logging, its still there. Asked around but nobody knows nuthin’ , and I who should know, also know nothing. So I am asking how this can be?

I note that if I build a system that goes through the enumeration/discovery process from the disk, it does NOT deliver this hypertalkative shell. Unfortunately I cannot discern where it gets the behaviour.

I am certain that this is diabolically simple, but I need a hint.

Anyone out there got one they can share?


You may want to turn the -v option off for procnto*. If you use the IDE to build your boot image, you can select the top-level property of the project in the “Images” window and then in the “properties” window, you will see entries like “Procnto Arg” and “Startup Arg”, etc.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Procnto Arg was --v

Not documented anywhere obvious either. :smiley:

I’ll look into mentioning the -v option somewhere in the docs. Thanks for pointing this out.