QNX 4.25 - Avaible anywhere?


I’m looking for the QNX 4.25, but I don’t find this version on this site.
Where can I download this version (ISO-Image as well)

Thx in advance


It’s not available legaly, but I guess you already knew that ;-)

Not avaible legaly…?

I mean, in the Downloadcenter it has version 6.0 etc. (and I hope that’s also legaly. :stuck_out_tongue:), but why isn’t the version 4.25 only illegal avaible…? :open_mouth:

You can get a free 30-day evaluation copy of Neutrino, but not QNX 4.25. The only way to get QNX 4.25 is to buy it.

Ah ok, that seems logical. ;)

Thx 4 Help

Contact your local QNX rep to get QNX 4.25.

how can i find the QNX rep ?