Installing proftp

Hi there.

I know, its a very stupid question, but how can I start the installation of proftp? :unamused:

I found the installationfiles and the other stuff. But when I wanted to open the “INSTALL”-File nothing happens. Have I to open the file with a special application? When yes, with which application? (Path…?)
Unfortunately I don’t know which version I use, cause I don’t know, where I have to look or which command I have to use…

Thx in advance


Erm… it would be nice, when somebody answer…
It’s surly a not very intelligent question, but I need the answer…

so please… anybody… help… me…

EDIT: OK, I formulate it in another way:

Ok, I recognized, that I have to install application with the packet manager. But if I give him the CD-directory, he responds evry time with the same fault:

“could not open file /fs/cd0/repository/repository.qrm”

What’s that for a file “repository.qrm”?


first of all, please post your QNX version. Tto find out just type uname -a into the console and post the result here.

second, what kind of “installationfiles” have you got? If these are *. qpr or *.qpm and *.qpk files you can install them with the installer from the launch-menu (at least for qnx 6). If you have source files only you need to compile them (usually run ./configure followed by make).

Please try to be more precise so it’s easier for the others to answer your questions ;)

Ok, Console spit that out:

QNX (PC-name) 6.0 2000/09/13-14:09:41edt x86pc x86

Hm… I downloaded PureFTPd and Proftp.

In Proftpdirectory it has several files.
At PureFTPd it has only the file PureFTPd-1.0.10-bld2-x86-public

The fileend ist hidden.

It isn’t very easy to be precise, when I don’t really know, what kind of informations you need and where I can procure they.

it does not really matter where the installation files sit. i suggest as follows :
make sure (with an “explorer” you are familiar with) that the pathname/file you gave ("/fs/cd0/repository/repository.qrm", i.e. “CD-Drive/repository/repository.qrm” under WIN, for example) really exists.
then, just to be on the safe, side, check the same inside the QNX filesystem; maybe the CD drive is not mounted properly.
what you really need, as SmeeAgain already told, are installation files with the proper endings. suppose the above check did not show any of these endings, then please post the location (link) where you downloaded the installation files from.
let us first make you have got the right files. after that, we can guide you to install them.
regards HELGE

What’s that for a file "reposi

something more :
do you need an ftp server or do you need an ftp client (to upload you homepage files to you ISP, for example) ?
for an ftp client, i could mail to you the installation file of a very easy to use yet complete ftp client and help to with the installation as well as with the configuration.
regards HELGE

btw, the proftpd package you downloaded is probably precompiled for QNX 6.2 or higher. It probably won’t work for QNX 6.0.