USB memory stick on Neutrino 6.3

Does someone know how to use a USB memory stick on Neutrino target? I have a target with USB port and installed Neutrino 6.3. I want to copy some files to the station using a memory stick on USB port, but it did not work. I went to a node under /dev to find which node and to mount it for a USB-based memory stick, but I could not see it. any suggestion will be appreciated. :confused:

perhaps just an unsupported memory-stick…

you wouldn’t be the first one with such a problem:

Did you start io-usb with the correct driver and devb-umass at all? It is not done automatically by the default installation!!

i.e. io-usb -duhci (for a UHCI USB Interface)
devb-umass cam pnp ( to sit and wait for devices)