USB or other methods to copy to/from QNX2

This is probably a dumb question, but is there any way besides floppies of getting files to/from a QNX 2 system? We have several QNX 2 systems and I want to be able to transfer files to/from my Windows box.

QNX2, floppies and serial port are the only method I know.

I there some company may still sell TCP/IP package for QNX2 but last time I check it was EXTREMELY expensive (QNX2 doesn’t have support for ethernet hardare).

QNX2 does not support USB.
If you use floppies, QNX 2 natively does not use the DOS FAT file system, you need to enable dosfsys on your QNX2 box
If you use Serial port take a look at the QNX2 ‘qtalk’ & ‘qcp’ commands
The easiest way would to have a TCP/IP solution on your QNX2 box and use FTP. Take a look at for a complete QNX2 TCP/IP hardware and software( sorry only german )

I still sell a driver for the parallel port Iomega Zip drives. I don’t know if the drives are still available, but these were 100 and 250MB.

I for myself recently ebay-ed a couple of IOMEGA zip drives (both sizes, around 12 Euro each incl. power supplies and cables) and they work very well with this driver ! the stores are running out of stock with the disks, so hurry up.
regards HELGE

The manuals and software are in engl.
Distributor for the Akso TCP/IP for QNX2 is SWD