should I put the application in a boot image

Now I have developed a c application program,and i wan to run it on my target,how can I put it in the boot image

I do it by adding the test.o which is the c application as binary,and make a directory to add it,but the image **.ifs is only 10K,I want to know why?


test.o is not the executable it’s and object file, that won’t run.

As for the image being 10k, if you could post your build file that would help.

I use IDE 6.3.1 sp1,and I only use the to build the bios.ifs,and I add the test.o as binary file and make a directory for it in the IDE project view,and then build the image,and there is no errors but the bios.ifs is only 10K.

My purpose is want to combine the test.o to the image, then when the qnx is running I can run the test.o.

does the *.o is executable files in linux?

*.o are object file (in most OS/compiler) that need to be linked first to create an executable or a share object.