QNX6.0 and Available Gigabit NIC Card Drivers.

Newbie question:
Presently have QNX6.0 as a file server. Have a need to go to gigabit
NIC card. Are there drivers for gigabit for QNX6.0, was unable to find
any, only for QNX6.2.1 and up.

Will a NIC driver for QNX6.2.1 work on QNX6.0 ?

Can migrating from QNX6.0 to QNX6.2.1 be made with keeping the “settings” as setup on present QNX6.0 the same?


No, network driver for 6.2.1 will not work wotj 6.0

I’m not sure what you mean by “keeping the settings”, but I would expect problem going from 6.0 to 6.2.1.

A 6.3 install would be a new install. What kinds of settings do you have? It’s possible that you backup the settings files and put them into the 6.3 installation later, as they probably do not have changed from 6.0.

Remember I am a newbie.
Created a new install of 6.21, everything loaded ok.

6.21 is automaticaly finding the 2 network cards in this PC.
I need to have them set the same as previous QNX6.0 version.
I have attached an rc.local file that was used to setup the NIC cards for
there specific use in QNX6.0.


If I use this file in QNX6.21, it gives me an array that the nic cards
are invalid and that the portmap and nfsd…etc all error during the boot
up screen. See no network cards showing in the gui screen.

Is ther a log or commadn that will show the hardware details of what QNX
automatically found for the NIC cards, so maybe by using these settings in this rc.local file will fix it?

Is there a better way?

File attached.

It is a text file not a tiff file!

Does someone know the equivalent commands for the en1 NIC setup within the above attached rc.local file. The above file is for QNX6.0 and
need to make the equivalent setup for QNX6.21.

Get errors when I run this origianl rc.local created in QNX6.0 on a QNX6.21 install. Same computer for both QNX versions.

Has anyone experienced a reliable gigabit (1000 Base-T) card for QNX6.21? If so, can you mentuion the make/model?


I don’t think there is Gigabit Ethernet support in 6.2.1, but i could be wrong. I think 6.3 has Intel 1000 Pro chip support which is used on many cards.