simple question - floppy drive

I’m new to QNX and unix operating systems and am having trouble using the floppy drive. I have successfully formatted the disk using fdformat, so as i understand it, the steps to access the floppy are:
#dinit /dev/hd0
This gives me the result
Using loader /x86/boot/sys/ipl-diskpc2-flop
Disk ‘/dev/fd0’ contains 2880 blocks (1440K)

#mount -t qnx4 -w /dev/hd0 /fs/floppy
Which results in:
mount: Can’t mount /fs/floppy (type qnx4)
mount Possible reason: Resource Busy

Are there any steps i’ve missed or any obvious mistakes with that?
Thanks in advance

/dev/hd0 is the Hard disk not the floppy

Thanks, i meant /dev/fd0. All is working now though. must have just been a typo.