Hey, good work getting the site up and running. :smiley: The only thing I can think to suggest is that there’s already a QNX Wiki up at so I don’t know if there should be another one on this site, or what…

I am thinking of talking to cdm and migrating his wiki site here because there is a better centralized user control here. His wiki site is more like for testing and without a user registration system. If cdm doesn’t agree with that, we can still use the wiki here for a user contributed FAQ system. You may have noticed that the old FAQ link has already been removed from the left menu bar. Also, in case cdm’s site may become unaccessible in two weeks, you should still be able to access ours :slight_smile:

All right. Sounds good to me. I’m happy to have another QNX ‘Portal’ site online again. I know that QNXZone exists, but I like the design here better and the way it works.