Drawing in qnx console

F question is the following:
had anyone tried to to use pseudo graphic in qnx console? Without using escape sequences every time such a character needs to be printed.
These are the characters from the upper half of the standard codepage.

The idea is to allow this characters to be printed along with regular characters from the lower half of the codepage.
Documentation on the devc-con throughs some light on the topic:

and talks about the way to assign this region another set of characters.
By default GR is loaded with G2 which is assigned ISO-Latin1 Supplemental character set.
Based on examples from the help docs I assign G2 a PC Character set and (to be really sure) map GR to G2 explicitly.

I used to think that everything should work. Really - now standart ASCII english letters are printed as they are supposed to. But after the first graphic character is printed console becomes broken:
only the first character of each line is printed, though fflush(stdout) is called after each one (just to be sure everything is printed). Every line printed adds its first character to the line and no effect of \n, \t, \f and so on… (printf doesnot work as expected).

Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong? Is it possible to make console print characters with 8-th bit set? If someone ever happened to do something similar - PLEASE HELP!!!

BTW: should I set console to 8-bit mode? or any othe dance around tcset[get]attr?

OMG, you repeating my 5-year ago steps :slight_smile: Look at the my code at tvision.sf.net - I’ve did all that devc-con driver can.

MikeP, are you migrated to openqnx ? :slight_smile: