Jumptec DIMM-PC & QNX - Anyone?

I’m currently hoping to use the RTP to play with a Jumptec (www.jumptec.de)
DIMM-PC, which is a sub-credit card sized SBC. I’ve familiarized myself
with the RTP well enough to create a boot image and transfer it to a floppy
diskette. This process seems to work well, and in fact the machine that I
create the image on will boot on the floppy and present me with the shell
that I expect. However, booting this same diskette on the tiny DIMM-PC
gives me the string of ‘.’ (periods) as the kernel loads and then
mysteriously cold resets about the time that I expect control to transfer to
the shell.

The DIMM-PC is a 486 compatible AMD Elan 410 processor with 16 megabyes of
RAM and 16 megabyes of IDE flash drive space (although I’m not attempting to
load the flash drivers at this point). This system has ISA, but no PCI bus,
but other than the above mentioned things it’s a pretty standard PC setup.
Has anyone gotten QNX/RTP/NTO to run on a DIMM-PC, and if so, what am I

Thanks in advance.

Jason A. Farqué
CDI at http://www.pigging.com/