Python 2.1 working!!

I finally got Python 2.1 working w/ shared libs (I need to write all these
flags down for shared libs, I’m always forgetting them). Here’s what I had
to change, all changes were in the configure script (in you base dir where
you extracted the python .tgz file). The line numbers should be very close
to where I changed the stuff at, the changes are all inside switch
statements, I tried to put the QNX section under the linux section in each
switch statement.

~Line 2943, Added (for the LDSHARED setup)
QNX*/6*) LDSHARED=“qcc -shared”;;

~Line 2990, Added (for the CCSHARED setup)
QNX*/6*) CCSHARED="-shared -fPIC";;

~Line 3026, Added (for the LINKFORSHARED setup)
QNX*/6*) LINKFORSHARED="-Xlinker -export-dynamic";;

Now after fixing configure do these steps:

  1. ./configure
  2. make
  3. make test (this will fail, but most test will pass, I never got all test
    to pass in 2.0 either)
  4. make install

You now have hopefully have python 2.1 up and going, hope you find this

Shane Warren