Porting AD-conversion library


For an assignment, I have to port a driver library from QNX 4.24 to QNX
Neutrino. Originally, the software was written in Watcom C and now I have to
use GNU C. Since this is a BIG task, I have the following question:

Does anybody have experience with porting/creating software to access the
following hardware:

  1. PCI-MIO-16E-4 (National Instruments, analog and digital I/O)
  2. PCI-DIO-96 (National Instruments, digital I/O)
  3. SDC-36016 (ILC Data Device Corporation resolver/rvdt:)
  4. SCRAMNet+ PCI (SYSTRAN, shared memory between computers)

Also, as an additional part of the assignment, 2 new cards should be added
to the library:

  1. PCI-6703 (National Instruments, analog and digital I/O)
  2. PCI-6071E (National Instruments, analoge and digitale I/O)

Again, does anybody have experience with these cards under Neutrino???