Ethernet Card...

Hello everyone,

Completely new to QNX (and Unix as a whole)… I’ve read the entire, and massively helpful, Introduction and have done the steps explained to me to try and connect up to the internet.

I use a D-Link 100mb Fast Ethernet card to hardwire my laptop (with QNX installed on it) to my router, but the laptop just doesn’t pick up the card.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I have searched through the QNX forums and asked for help on the IRC server but have had no such luck in finding any answers… So I apologise if I’ve overlooked the answer anywhere.[/b]

what model is your D-Link? (chip, device/vendor id).
does io-net start at boot time? if so, can you tell what driver it loads (as seen in #pidin -Pio-net mem. thereshould be devn-* libraries loaded. If none - then you may try to start ordinary devn-ne200 given did/vid of your card.)

The card model is DFE-690TXD.

I’m afraid I’m not experienced with *nix in any way so I’m not sure what io-net is nor how to check which driver it loads. Any advice on how to check this would be appreciated.

Upon doing further research, I now wonder if I need to install Net.tulip drivers on the machine? I have no idea where to acquire them or how to install them however… I’ve tried commands suggested on some websites (Net.tulip and ./Net.tulip) but both render the same response: /bin/sh: (./)Net.tulip: not found.

Thanks for your reply Mike!

As you posted in “QNX6” forum I assumed you are running QNX6 but not QNX4. Now you say about Net.tulip - this means you are running QNX4. Please post the output of ‘uname -a’ command here so that anyone trying to help you can be sure what version of QNX you are running.
I have some experience in QNX6 so I will probably be unable to help you with QNX4 :frowning:

I have QNX 6.0 installed (uname -a returns: QNX localhost 6.00 2000/09/13-14:09:41edt x86pc x86)…

The reason I mentioned the tulip driver was mainly because while trying to learn how to resolve the issue of the OS not recognising the Ethernet card, I am often referred to … (page describing the use of Net.tulip)… however, whenever I try the Tulip commands, the OS returns “unabe to init dll devn-tulip: No such device”.

QNX 6.0 is an ancient version and I wouldn’t be too surprised if your ethernet hardware is not truly supported.
Try to install QNX 6.3

DFE-690TXD is a 32 bit card bus. So the Pcmcia driver must be started. As noc mentionned 6.0 is rather old (i remember lots of initial problem with pcmcia on 6.0). In fact somewhere in between 6.03 and 6.3 there was a revamp of the Pcmcia stuff if I’m not mistaken.

I have now installed QNX 6.3.0 and to my relief I much prefer the look and ‘feel’ of it.

No luck finding Pcmcia though - how would I do that mario?

Thanks for your helpful replies everyone.


I’ve found out that is most likely the driver I need, however I have failed to educate myself as to how to install / activate the driver. isn’t the driver for my exact model, but there isn’t a driver as far as I’m aware for my particular card. I’ve been advised by a QNX representative to install the driver for a similar product, hence

I would appreciate it if anybody could possibly give me a hugely basic step-by-step installation guide (I’ve used some commands found on a QNX site, but that got me nowhere and no device was recognised when I typed ‘pin’ into the terminal).

Thanks a lot everyone!