Installing QNX 6.1 on 3Com Audrey - Please Help


Since 3Com has stopped supporting the Audrey which runs a modified QNX 6.0
OS, We want to install QNX 6.1 so We’ll have access to bug fixes and more
software. The problem is the IPL code, I have no access to it. There are a
number of us who own the Audrey, that wish to enhance it, and continue using

I know the full QNX 6.1 is too large for the 16 mb audrey flash, but we
could install the code, and put the rest on an nfs mounted drive. Chip
information is below.

Can we just flash QNX 6.1 OS into the audrey? If so, then how?

Or do we need to replace the IPL code as well? If so, then do you know what
we could replace it with?

Any other information would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help,
Kevin Wambsganz

The flash memory is an Intel 16 Mb, number is E 28F128 J3A 150, and the chip
set is Geode.
Geode GX1 Processor Series Low Power Integrated x86 Solution:

Geode CS5530A I/O Companion Multi-Function South Bridge

Geode CS9211 Graphics Companion Flat Panel Display Controller

PC87317VUL/PC97317VUL SuperI/O Plug and Play Compatible Chip with
ACPI-Compliant Controller/Extender