Hi all,

I’m considering using arcnet for a device network. CAN is a good option and
works really well, but is rather slow. Ethernet is fast, but has limits on
determinism. Apparently they are pushing speeds up to 10Mb/sec on arcnet
these days using simple signaling techniques (i.e. RS-485, fiber, etc).

I any one currently using such hardware? I’ve seen PC104, ISA and pccard
implementations of it, so it looks like one could even link some QNX boxes
together and get deterministic IPC if that was desirable.

Anyway, just some of my thoughts. I’m thinking about putting a case
together to recommend it to the powers at be. What are some disadvantages?
How complex is it to maintain? Can it be made sort of plug and playable?
While they have the old ‘star’ configuration, they are also supporting

It looks appealing…thoughts?