devf-8260ads / flashctl behaviour

Can anyone explain the following behaviour of devf-8260ads and flashctl.
I do the following commands:

  1. devf-8260ads -a -s0xFFE00000,1M

/dev/fs0 appears

  1. flashctl -p/dev/fs0 -l1M -e // erase

  2. flashctl -p/dev/fs0 -m // mount /dev/fs0p0

/dev/fs0p0 appears

  1. flashctl -p/dev/fs0p0 -l1M -f // format /dev/fs0p0

  2. flashctl -p/dev/fs0 -u // unmount

  3. flashctl -p/dev/fs0 -m // mount again as above

after this last command /dev/fs0p0 to /dev/fs0p7 appears!!!

Why is that so?

Regards, Mats P