minimal development installation

I have QNX 6.1.0A running on my PC with a window boot. Now I need to make a
custom install onto a 128MB SanDisk which is connected
to my PC and will be moved to the target board.

I need QNX, TCP/IP, Qnet, Photon and Photon Application Builder with all the
needed C support for the above. I will be building a small Photon
application and a serial I/O task.

The QNX 6.1.0A has a lot of duplication and it is not clear how to find the
minimum for what I need. When I am done my application will not need more
than 10Mb of SanDisk space, so I can use 110MB of the sandisk.

Is there any help out there to help find a minimal installation to support
the above?

Are there any techniques to find the required lib’s and build a dependence
list so I can process what is needed and determine what is duplicated and
can be shared?

Would this be something that QNX would support in one of there support
programs? If so which one? Do they really help in requests like this?
Respond privately if you need.

John Zigrang