IPL without BIOS

Hi, All.
Does anybody know what I should expect booting without Bios on a x86 board?
I know that IPL is finding OS and I suppose it is being started but when IPL
jumps to the image nothing happens. As IPL does not start video interface, I
tried to use a serial connection but I can’t see anything.
Does boot-nobios initialize any video or should I write my own driver :0 ?




Because you want to start without BIOS you should to write the IPL and QNX
startup program for your specific CPU and board. IPL should initialise all
the specific hardware and CPU configuration registers if they differ from
standard x86 AT. IPL can initialise and output debugs and boot process info
to either VGA or serial interface. The startup can output to the VGA or
serial too.

You can find a lot of info about that in “Building embedded systems” at

Marius Rumpis