WatchDog priority

In my system, I am using the Software Watchdog with the priority 64, and the Interrupt Service routine 252. My ISR just releases the Semaphore, and I am not supporting Nested Interrupt. All the other tasks are running at the priority 10 or below.
I am observing the system reset?? I thought because of the watchdog.

Even increased the priority of watchdog to 255, but the system was behaving the same.

Any idea, why the watchdog timer is not getting triggered, and causing the system to reset.
The watchdog timer reset time is 10Sec.

thanks in advance,


ISR releases the semaphore, huh? ISR can’t call these type of fonctions.

post some code.

ISR can definitely release the binary semaphore to offload the actual functionality, to minimize the interrupt latency.

Interrupt Service Routines can’t make kernel calls, however Interrrupt Service Threads of course may call anything.